A Voice to make HINDI as a UN’s official language
Total population of South Asia is more then 25% of the world population. Its a pity that no south Asian language considered as a UN language. Currently English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian and Arabic are UN's language.
According to site More then 50% people of India use Hindi and more then 72% people can understand Hindi. It is the second most used language in the world after Chinese. Hindi Premi and users are almost everywhere in the world, mostly in India, Fiji, Mauritius, Singapore, USA, UK, Pakistan etc. If we count all the people who can understand Hindi, love to watch Hindi movie, love to listen Hindi music, then figure will be quite high. Now more then one billion people world wide can understand Hindi.
Then why it is not a UN language? Reason is simple we Indians have regionalism in our blood. We never think about our national pride. Politically and regionally we floated so many misconceptions about Hindi. Now time has come to raise voice to make Indian national language Hindi as a UN's official language.

HINDI PREMI E-Group and Forum:
This forum and E-Group mail list is for Hindi lovers who want to make Hindi as a United Nations official language. Please send E-mail to to become a member of HindiPremi E-group. And click here to access "HindiPremi" Forum. Through E-Group you will be connected to other members of Hindi Premi Group by E-mail. As a member you can send and receive only Hindi related materials.

OBJECTIVES of Hindi Premi E-Group:
We have farmed a "Hindi Premi' forum and E-Group mail list with following objectives:
(1) Work to establish Hindi as a United Nation's language.
(2) Appeal to Software vendors like Microsoft to create universal Devanagari font that should be included in their software. Inclusion of Nagari font will provide benefit to all user of Hindi, Sanskrit, Marathi, Nepali etc.
(3) Volunteer work to spread Hindi all over world.
(4) Establish links between Hindi lovers.
(5) Exchange Hindi sites, Hindi articles with all the members.
(6) Alert to all members against Hindi defaming articles so all members can protest against Hindi defamation collectively and individually.
(7) Work ro remove misconceptions about Hindi.

What is E-Group:
E-Group consists of members. If one member of E-Group sends a mail to E-Group, all members of this E-Group will receive this mail. So every E-Group member can communicate, discuss and share their views with every other members using E-Group by sending a single mail to E-group
The administrator would scan every mail before release to the other members, to keep this E-Group specific to Hindi related activities. This is a beginning of efforts. Let's join hand so we can gather on single platform to raise voice of South Asian community in United Nations in our own language.

What is E-Forum :
In "HindiPremi" Forum members can discuss and post their views. Plese click here to access "HindiPremi" Forum.

(1) In India Hindi is used by more then 50% people, see
(2) Hindi users and lovers are all over the world.
(3) Hindi is a daughter of Sanskrit; it borrows Sanskrit word, which are being used by all other Indian language.
(4) Hindi uses most scientific and natural script Devanagari script.
(5) Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and Urdu are very close to Hindi. When Hindi is used with Arabic/Persian adjective and adverb and written in Arabic script it is known as Urdu. Marathi uses same Devanagari script. Punjabi and Gujarati are looks like sister of Hindi.
(6) Total 11 states of India use Hindi as a state language. Which comprises more then 60% of India.
(7) South Asia contains 25% population of the whole world, so there must me one language in UN, which can represent South Asians in UN.

Sanskrit is the mother of Hindi. Its pronunciation is like Sanskrit only. Hindi is written in Devanagari script, which is the oldest and most scientific script of the world. Hindi developed with all the good qualities of Sanskrit and includes some more qualities like sweetness, flexibility, adaptability and very easy to understand.
Flexibility is the power and beauty of Hindi. When Punjabi wants to say something in other language then he finds Hindi is most suitable to him. Gujarati language resemble with Hindi. Definitely Gujarati finds Hindi as his own one. Marathi and Hindi both are written in Devanagari script. So both share same script. When somebody speaks Sanskrit heavy Hindi it resemble with Sanskrit.
Hindi gives a lot of flexibility to people of Urdu, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Uria, Nepali etc. so that, they can speak it their own ways. Everybody find Hindi easy and useful for communication when the person travels across India.
Its flexibility gives power to establish link between Sanskrit heavy language and Arabic/Persian heavy Urdu language.
Hindi is now understood in various parts of world. Hindi music and Hindi films are admired and understood by lot of people.
Mauritius, Pakistan, Fiji, Gulf and so many other countries Hindi is just like their national language.
Hindi is a state language of MP, HP, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, Delhi, Hariyana, Chhiteesgarah, Uttranchal,  Jharkhand etc. It covers almost 600 million people of India. In Other state like Gujrat, Maharashtra , Bangal, Orisa, Assam etc, it is spoken very widely. Total 300 million non Hindi people can understand and communicate in Hindi. Either we are in Banglore or in hydrabad , communication in Hindi is not a problem. In fact Hindi is a communication bridge between all people of the India. Approximately 10 million people worldwide can understand and communicate in Hindi. In a true manner Hindi is a world language today.

Hindi has same misconceptions, as India has in Western world. These misconceptions are like it is spoken only in UP and Bihar, It has different styles etc.
True, It has different styles like Hariyanvi, Rajshthani etc. These styles closed to 99 percent Hindi. So no question of Hariyanwi or Rajasthani are different from Hindi. If Hindi is different from Hariyanwi and Rajashthani then how Hindi is State language of these states? Beauty of Hindi is its flexibility. So people can mix different language words according to their own local language. Hindi can be pure Hindi which is simplified Sanskrit only as you have heard in Mahabharata and Ramayana TV serials.
World premier show of Hindi film proves that Hindi is a most sweet and accepted language worldwide. Bombay, Banglore, Hydrabad, Bhubaneshwar etc are the big cities and whole of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab etc are the states where you can communicate in Hindi without any difficulty.
If somebody go to Apollo Hospital Chennai (Madras). From rail way station to Apollo Hospital and medical shop to all other hotels/shops, we will not find any difficulty in communication in Hindi. It doesn't matter what is true form of Hindi. The most important aspect is communication, which we can do smoothly with Apollo staff and other patients from Bengal, Assam, Orisa and Hindi spoken belt. So this is totally absurd thinking that Hindi is spoken in limited Areas. It is politically motivated things.
Now this is the time to establish Hindi as a world language

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